When we do home improvement projects to upgrade our home we do them for a variety of reasons:

  • Something broke and needs fixing
  • We got sick of looking at “it” and wanted a newer, more attractive version of “it”
  • There was a sale and we got it cheap!

At some point in our home ownership cycle we start to pay attention to home improvement upgrades that might help us sell our property for a higher price (or more quickly). Home improvement projects that fall into this category may include many that will sound familiar:

  • Bathroom remodel
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Landscaping, etc.

One home improvement project that is often overlooked is the replacing and upgrading of a home’s entryway and front door. A new front door is actually in many top ten lists of ROI (return on investment) for home improvement projects.

The client whose home we’re highlighting today understood the importance of this and as part of a bigger exterior home improvement project that included new siding and windows has us build a new entry portico and install a new front door for them.

Here’s what the process looked like:

Original front view of home showing original door and original wooden siding

Remove old door, install new door and build portico

Prep house for siding and install new windows

Completed home with new James Hardie wood grain siding in Summer Night blue.

When you’re ready for you next exterior home improvement project and have questions about what can be done to improve your home’s resale value, we hope you’ll consider the experts at George J Keller & Sons and give us a call at 973-927-0963.