Fiber Cement Siding from James Hardie installed by George J Keller & Sons

Why are you here?

You’re probably considering putting Fiber Cement Siding on your house. You might have heard that fiber cement siding is a great alternative to wood siding while retaining much of the look of wood. Maybe you’re looking for something that will, essentially, be maintenance-free for many years into the future. Or, you’re just interested in hearing more about fiber cement siding and want to see if it’s an option for you.

Here are some Fiber Cement Siding facts for you:

  • The technology behind fiber cement siding has been around for close to 100 years
  • Fiber cement siding is manufactured from a combination of cement, sand and wood fiber resulting in an extremely durable product
  • Fiber cement siding is ideal for New Jersey and the Northeast because no matter how wet it gets it won’t rot and doesn’t require elaborate cleaning – just a low pressure water wash from a garden hose every 6-12 months
  • The largest fiber cement siding manufacturer is James Hardie Inc. with global sales of more than $1.5B and more than 2500 employees worldwide
  • James Hardie ColorPlus® products have a 15 year color guarantee meaning you won’t need to repaint your siding for at least 15 years after installation

Why choose George J Keller & Sons, LLC for your new fiber cement siding?

We value YOU, our customer above all else. Once you get to know us you’ll realize that we’re in this for the long haul – we’re not going anywhere and we value our relationship with you more than anything else. You’ll find out that our customer service is the best in the business because we want you to come back to try our other services.

We know what we’re doing. George J Keller & Sons, LLC is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer and part of their Preferred Contractor Alliance with a recommendation rate of 95%! We’re authorized to install the full range of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding including:

  • Hardieplank® Lap Siding
  • Hardieshingle® Siding
  • Hardiepanel® Vertical Siding

Please use the customer portal below to get more information on James Hardie products available in your zip code.

We can help you with related services. Our clients often make the decision to change their siding at the same time as changing their windows and/or doors. Because we are able to offer new windows from within our standard product offerings we can schedule the two services at the same time and pass those savings onto our clients.

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