New Roofs from George J Keller & Sons, LLC

Why are you here?

If you have been searching online for roofing and have found yourself here chances are you need a new roof! Needing a new roof starts with the realization that there’s something wrong with the old one:

  • Your existing roof is old
  • Your existing roof is showing signs of wear and tear
  • Your existing roof leaks!

Whatever the reason we are here to help!

Why choose George J Keller & Sons, LLC for your new roof?

We value YOU, our customer above all else. Once you get to know us you’ll realize that we’re in this for the long haul – we’re not going anywhere and we value our relationship with you more than anything else. You’ll find out that our customer service is the best in the business because we want you to come back to try our other services.

We’ve been doing this a long time. Our company has been installing roofs and instilling trust since 1980. The average time that most roofing companies in NJ have been in business is about 2 years – we’ve been doing it for over 40 years!

We know what we’re doing. When we started the business, selecting a new roof was pretty easy because there weren’t many choices. Now there are thousands of options within many budget ranges – all will keep you dry, but colors, textures, ventilation and enhanced warranties all have a factor in your decision. We climb on every roof at the start of any estimate and we work with you through an in-depth educational process to decide your best options.

We’re backed by the biggest names in the business. George J Keller & Sons, LLC is one of only 3% of roofing companies in the whole of the United States to carry the MasterElite certificate issued by GAF. We’re also members of the prestigious GAF President’s Club based on “delivering our customers premier service and reliability“. There are only THREE 3-star President’s Club members in the whole of New Jersey!

GAF, founded in 1886 is the largest shingle manufacturer in the US with sales of $3 billion and 3200 employees. Our staff is GAF trained and certified. In addition George J Keller & Sons, LLC is able to offer manufacturer backed enhanced warranties to their clients, warranties that are only available because of our MasterElite status.

We have the expertise to tackle non-standard installations. Not all our clients are looking for shingle roofs – we have the talent and experience to work with slate, metal and wooden shake roofing. Call us for more information.

Solar Re-roofing

Do you have solar installed but need a new roof? George J Keller & Sons are your local experts at installing new roofs under existing solar installations.

Call us today at 973-927-0963 to arrange your free estimate.

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