New Windows and Doors from George J Keller & Sons, LLC

Why are you here?

You are a conscientious homeowner and you’ve decided that you need new windows. Maybe the old ones are just too difficult to maintain. Maybe they are too difficult to open. Or a stray baseball has convinced you that you might as well change all of them at one time rather than just do a repair. Whatever the reason new windows provide many reasons to homeowners looking to justify the cost:

  • New windows are energy efficient – probably much more so than your existing windows
  • New windows are easy to open and clean
  • New windows improve curb appeal
  • New windows allow you to be creative and change the look of your home

Whatever the reason, we are here to help!

Why choose George J Keller & Sons, LLC for your new windows?

We value YOU, our customer above all else. Once you get to know us you’ll realize that we’re in this for the long haul – we’re not going anywhere and we value our relationship with you more than anything else. You’ll find out that our customer service is the best in the business because we want you to come back to try our other services.

There’s no hard sell. We want all our clients to be comfortable with the process and their decision. We’ll take time to explain all your options and then we go away! You get to make your decision in your own time with no high pressure selling techniques or promises we can’t keep. Unlike many of those “window-only” companies we have no minimums and will tackle any window job, large or small.

We’ve been doing this a long time. Our company has been installing windows and doors for over 20 years. That’s hundreds and hundreds of window installations over that time. Ask us about our references.

We’re backed by the biggest names in the business. We do have a 25+ year affiliation with Andersen Windows, perhaps the best known name in new and replacement windows.

After hundreds of installs we are very comfortable with the Andersen range and highly recommend their aluminum-clad, wood framed windows for a maintenance-free solution for your new window needs.

George J Keller & Sons are Andersen Certified Contractors.

We can help you with related services. Our clients often make the decision to change their windows and doors at the same time as changing their siding. Because we are able to offer new siding from within our standard product offerings we can schedule the two services at the same time and pass those savings onto our clients.

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