About George J. Keller & Sons, LLC

George J. Keller & Sons, LLC is a second generation family-owned home improvement company specializing in Roofing, Siding, Windows and Solar. We started as a “Mom & Pop” roofing company in 1980 working out of our Dad’s house in Flanders, with one truck and one roofing crew. We’re now one of the area’s most well respected small businesses with ten crews being directed out of our facility on Laurel Drive in Flanders. We’re not going anywhere, anytime soon!

Family business

While it all began with the patriarch and namesake, George, operating on his own, as the family grew through the decades, so did the business. As George enjoys his retirement, the youngest son Dan is now at the helm and works along side daily with his siblings, wife, and even his daughters! We’re truly a locally-owned, family-run business now spanning multiple generations.

What makes us tick?

Dan feels a huge commitment to doing the right thing for his customers, many of whom are repeat purchasers of the company’s services. With our family name being so well recognized in the area (thanks in large part to our abundant fleet of red trucks, and the best roofing jingle to ever hit the airwaves), there is a true sense of responsibility to each and every customer to do our best work possible and make our family proud. Our passion and drive to be the Premier Home Improvement Company in Northern NJ is reflected in our work ethic and our willingness to go the extra yard for our clients.

Company Timeline

  • 1969 – George returns from Vietnam after successfully serving his country on the USS Bassilone.  George secured employment with Prudential in Newark, NJ
  • 1979 – George was moonlighting for a roofing company to help put food on the table to support his 6 young children.  The owner of the company complimented on his roofing ability and recommended he starts his own company.
  • 1980 – George starts Flanders Valley Roofing advertising in the St. Therese in Chester church bulletin.  His first job was a roof in the Clover Hill development in Flanders.
  • 1986 – George changes the name of the company to George J Keller and Sons since all four of his sons was currently working for him.
  • 1999 – George retires from Prudential after 30 years and becomes partners with his oldest son, Michael.  Together they decide to expand the business offerings to siding, windows and doors.
  • 2004 – George’s 2nd oldest son, Christopher, returns from audio engineering school to join the company as a sales associate.
  • 2006 – George’s youngest son, Dan, returns to the company as a sales associate after working for Chubb Insurance for 5 years.
  • 2008 – Christopher leaves the company to pursue his dream of owning a podcast engineering company.
  • 2009 – Dan takes over as 50% owner while George becomes an employee. Mike and Dan are the owners of the company.
  • 2011 – George’s oldest daughter, Cory, joins the team as operations support manager.
  • 2012 – Mike and Dan decide to expand the business to include solar panel installation based on a recommendation from GAF.
  • 2015 – Mike decides to pursue his dream of being a restaurant entrepreneur.  Dan assumes full ownership of the company.
  • 2020 – George’s 3rd oldest son, Matt, joins the company spearheading the repair and maintenance division.