We climb on a lot of roofs!

Unlike some of our competitors we climb onto every roof at every sales call we make. We want to have a full idea of the work involved and we want our client to see what we see so we take a ton of pictures while we’re up there.

The average life of a roof in New Jersey is 10-20 years depending on a variety of factors. Roofs from the early 1990’s are right at the point where some might need replacing and some could last a few more years. So we were surprised when we started seeing a bunch of homes from 1990-1995 that have major roof shingle cracking going on.



The good news is that these roofs aren’t leaking (yet!) but because they aren’t leaking the homeowner isn’t even aware of the potential problem growing on their roof. These roofs will have to be removed and stripped down to the plywood to make sure that there are no underlying problems with the sub-structure of the roof.

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If your roof is from this time period and you live in the Northern New Jersey area please call us today at 973-927-0963 and we’ll have one of our trained roofing experts climb onto your roof and make a no-obligation inspection.