Roofing Contractors – Registration vs. License

NOTICE: It has come to the attention of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (Division) that some home improvement contractors are using the word “license” rather than “registration” when referring to their status with the Division. The Division registers home improvement contractors and does not license them. For that reason, the use of the word “license” to describe the status with the Division, is deceptive and misleading to consumers. Home improvement contractors must not use the word “license” in any advertisements , business documents, invoices, contracts or correspondence. Further, home improvement contractors must not use the word “license” when displaying the 13VH registration number on commercial vehicles.The Division appreciates your attention to this matter.

HICPosterDid you miss this notice on the NJ Consumers Affairs website? Me too. But what does it mean for you? Nothing except to understand that General and Roofing Contractors do not get a license to do construction work from the state. What they have to do is register with the state which is actually harder. They are issued a number starting with #13VH and can then call themselves a N.J. Home Contractor. For the state purposes Roofing & Siding Contractors are listed under the general NJ Home Contractor listing.

There are quite a few steps involving having proof of liability insurance of a minimum of $500,000 and filling out a host of information including what type of business, meaning LLC or INC or Partnership. They do a criminal background check on all of the officers of the business. So be assured that your Roofing Contractor has been inspected and proven to be a business in good standing.

You cannot obtain a building permit if the roofing contractor does not have this registration number. Once they become registered they are required to give you a written proposal of work, broken down into exact steps and items to be covered, a total price and a contract for you both to sign that is legally binding. It will include a time frame and payment schedule. You are protected by the 3 day “Cooling-off Rule” that states that you are entitled to a full refund of any monies paid if you change your mind within 3 days of signing the contract. These steps are all in place to protect you and to assist in your project getting completed how you want and when you want and for what you agreed upon paying.

George J Keller & Sons will give you a comprehensive proposal of work and a full legal contract once you agree to the scope of work and price. Any extras will be discussed before work is started on the extra and a written extras addendum will be written up and both parties will sign so there are no surprises. So if you see that an upgraded gutter cover would be better than the standard gutter quoted in your roofing contractors proposal you will get a new price quote before it is added to your bill. No surprises.

So you want to check that a siding & roofing contractor is registered with the state before you start work with them. Click here to search the NJ State records for proper registration.

You can search for us: George J Keller & Sons. Our registration number is #13VH00221900