As a homeowner, you are entitled to shop around for roof repair and roof replacements services—as you would for any home improvement service. Hopefully, you will meet many reputable roofing contractors in the process of shopping around for a contractor. Unfortunately, with scamming continuously on the rise and scammers becoming more savvy, you may also meet some companies with less-than-honest intentions.

With the rise of social media marketing in the last decade, many scammers have moved into scamming people online through social media, but traditional scammers are still out there. Even with the spread of scamming into other networks, traditional ways of scamming are still out there.

Special or “Insurance” Pricing After a Serious Storm

Storm chasing scammers thrive on targeting vulnerable individuals whose homes have been impacted by a storm. After a serious storm, homeowners may feel desperate to get the issue of a leaking roof resolved while many other individuals are doing the same.

Sometimes, the demand for contractors cannot meet the supply, and this is where door-to-door insurance pricing “salesman” turn up out-of-the-blue.

 After a serious storm, these door-to-door scammers will show up at your home offering “special” or “insurance” pricing for a roof repair or replacement. In reality, most reputable roofing companies do not employ door-to-door salesman tactics—and if they do, there will very obvious signs that they are legit (for example: and will have likely done work on homes in your neighborhood.

High Pressure Tactics

Roofing “companies” or roofing company scammers will typically use very high pressure sales techniques to get you to sign the contract without a second thought. These can include:

  • Pressure to have both spouses signs right in that moment because both have to be present to lock-in special pricing or insurance pricing.
  • Prices that continue to fluctuate throughout the conversation—starting with an unbelievably high price before reducing it down to more reasonable levels.
  • Refusing to leave the home without a commitment.

In these situations, you must stand strong and give yourself time to review how legit the company is and the deal that they are offering.

Lack of a Written Estimate

It is your right as a consumer to get a written estimate of any roofing work to be done. Sketchy roofing companies and or roofing scammers often try to get you to sign without a written, formal estimate of the work to be completed and the cost. A reputable roofing company welcomes legitimate competition and—for their own protection—a detailed written estimate of the scope of work for their own records. If a legitimate roofing company does work without a signed, written estimate and contract, that puts them at risk of not getting paid for said work.

Insufficient or Incorrect Insurance

Many general contractors and handymen will tell you that they can “do” roofs. While they may be technically proficient in roofing, that doesn’t mean that their insurance covers working on your roof. If anything happens while on your roof, such as an injury or structural damage, your work may be delayed or not completed at all without the correct insurance.

Make sure to get your roof done by a licensed roofing contractor with proof of legitimate insurance.

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