Client Testimonials

We love our customers! Without them we wouldn’t have a business! It’s always great when your customers love you back – here are a sampling of some recent testimonials from our clients:

Just want to note that the crew you sent yesterday to do our roof did an excellent job. From the beginning when they went out of their way to protect the shrubbery with netting all the way through their smooth, well choreographed process of removing the old tiles, identifying and repairing deteriorated plywood sections and installing the new roof culminating in a complete clean-up to the extent that if we hadn’t been there we would have had no indication that anybody had been there other than the appearance of a new roof. In addition, the care that your dumpster driver took to avoid damaging the driveway was also appreciated. I also want to note that Anthony Olivio and his crew who also did an excellent job of rebuilding the chimney. They are a fine complement to your roofing crew. By the way, when Sue and I were standing in the front of the house looking at the completed job a Weichert Realty agent drove by, stopped, said the house looked great and asked if we were interested in selling it. I thought this only happens in advertisements. Jerry M, NJ

First, I’d just like to say that I was very impressed with not only the work done, but the thoroughness and attention to detail shown by your crew.

I can be a pain in the ass when it comes to details, and I had a bit of a blow out with the last contractor that did work for us. This job was a night and day difference to that. I do project work for a living in IT, and I know what a smoothly run and well-staffed project looks like, and this was it in spades. Even the dumpster was a pleasant surprise. First, it wasn’t some old rusted out eyesore that sat in our yard for two months like the last one, and the driver took every bit of care to ensure that our driveway and lawn was left the way he found it. With the exception of the cool new roof on our house, I would not be able to tell that there was anyone here. That is seriously impressive to me given the amount of debris created by the job. In a world of constant dissapointment surrounding cheap materials and “good enough” work, I could not be more pleased with the job your team did. GAD, NJ

G Keller was very responsive. Our roof had a hole in it as a result of Hurricane Sandy. They did their estimate within a week of the estimate and the repair work was completed within another week. They matched our shingles, replaces the underlying plywood and had the whole job done at top quality. We couldn’t have asked for better service. I’d strongly recommend G Keller to anyone looking for roofing work!

Jeff D., Boonton, NJ

We are very happy with the work George J. Keller & Sons did for us. We obtained three quotes, one was from Company A at $22,230 (outrageous. Do not even consider them), the second from Company B at $9,180 and the Keller quote at $9,116. We chose Keller not because it was the lowest price. Rather we were impressed with the presentation and the company. Keller is a GAF Master Elite certified roofer and a well established company. (This is important because if a contractor does not pay the supplier, you can end up with a lien on your house) The salesman (Brendan) walked our roof, took pictures with his iPad while up there and gave us a straightforward sales presentation with no BS and no attempt to upsell us on things we did not need. The crew showed up at 7:30am a few weeks later (email contacts during the interim regarding scheduling etc. and what to expect) and the job was completed before 3PM the same day. Our roof is beautiful I would not hesitate to do business with these people again.

Eric S., Succasunna, NJ

Thank you Brendan for your superior service and specific support for our time-line. The project we had going to add new roof and repair the walls/paint inside our home was completed in time for the party we planned for May 4th. Thank you and Patty too for accommodating us and getting job done! Bravo and will certainly recommend your company to friends and family and will call you when our next project begins.

Fred S., Hillsborough, NJ

When Sandy hit my area it ripped some of my roof and some siding off. Duringa time like that you find people who try to rip you off. I called 13 companies just to get someone to put a trap over hole in the roof that Sandy left. The company that I THOUGHT was helping me out didn’t do a good job. In all I had to have that section covered 4 times due to the high winds and rain. Which cost each time it had to be covered. So in time like this you hope to find someone that you can trust and hope that they have your best interest at heart. With damage so heavy all around in the state you know companies can pick and choose the customers they want to deal with. I started right away looking for a company that I hope I will feel good about. But I was looking for a company that could do the roof, siding and the overhang. After checking out a couple of roofing companies, A friend had seen an Ad on his PC about George Keller and Sons and said I should check them out. I checked out the site for George Keller and Sons and after looking and listening to the Ad I emailed them on November 9th,2012 and Dan Keller responded within that day. I explained to him what had happened and what I need have done. I asked him could i e-mail him photos of the roof which I had one of the other roofing companies take photos. Dan also looked up my house through Google to see the roof. I canceled out dealing with the other companies I had in mind. But, I joined Angie’s List in order to check out George Keller and Sons because my house was built in the 1800 and I wanted to have it back the way it was before Sandy. I spoke with Dan and he said they would take the job and ensure me that they have it done many flat roofs and that was importance. Because everyone can’t do flat roofs right. On January 14th 2013 I signed the contract with Dan Keller and give him $500 down payment. Then problems with the insurance company question the cost, but Dan Keller went toe to toe with them and I got to the figure that I could expect. The weather played a major part that why they started on February 28th. Ms. Patty, who run the office is outstanding, she kept me informed when they will or will not be coming and I am grateful to her. Mr. Applebee and his crew arrived on time and the only time they took a break was lunchtime. The job was done in one day and this was only phase one which I didn’t know. I had to wait until May 1st for phase two, the sliding and the overhang to be done and I understand this is due to the weather. But again, thanks to Ms. Patty to keeping me up to date. When the siding crew came and they were on time. The siding they replace I add extra cases in my basement. But they did a wonderful job, I guess at this time I can say “good things come to those who wait” SOMETIMES. After the work was completed I was hoping that Dan or Mike which I never met would call or if they are in the area stop by and check out the completed project. So I e-mailed Dan, and expressed my thoughts, do your company do p.r. follow up with the homeowner? I hope that you do. You have an outstanding person in Ms. Patty Glassford who is in charge of your office. I like the way she follow up with customer and keep them informed on their appointments. In respect to Dan, he emailed me to hank me for choosing his company. And don’t hesitate to contact him if I have a question or need service. But I still hoping they will stop by to see my beautiful home they helped put back in order. So far with all the rain we have had and stil having the roof is holding up. But they did a wonderful job in phase one and phase two.

David H., Guttenburg, NJ

Acted professionally, answered all my questions, arrived and departed on time and did exactly what they said they would do. did an excellent job

John D., Stewartsville, NJ

We can’t say enough! Professional in every sense of the word. From Dan to the workers to Patty to George! We tip our hats to you all. We highly recommend George Keller and Sons to any and all. Thank You!

Dorene P., Long Valley, NJ

Very Professional, courteous. Workmanship was of a high quality. Roof looks great.

Elizabeth M.

Brendan was excellent and informative. The work was great and completed on time and well maintained.

Dominic M., Morristown, NJ