My father was a general contractor and I grew up doing every kind of odd job imaginable, from roofing & siding, to flooring and whole house framing.   At a very young age my father instilled in me the importance of quality work and craftsmanship.  He would always tell me a story about Alan Shepard, the first American Astronaut in space.  Just before blast off a news reporter asked Alan, “Alan, you are about to strap yourself to a rocket and be the first American launched into space, What’s going through your mind right now?”  Alan’s response was “The fact that the government had this rocket built by the lowest bidder.”  The moral of the story is, when your life, family, house or business is on the line, choose quality over price.  I carry that lesson from my father into every aspect of my life and hope to teach it to my son and daughter as well. 

Quality and family was a big part of what drew me to work for George J. Keller Sons and I’m extremely happy to be part of that Team. You can connect with Russell via email at [email protected] or by calling or texting him at 973-970-0143.