Let’s face it – with roofs it’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. It’s not easy to see what’s happening on our roof even if we get a decent view of it from ground level and unless we’re a trained professional we’d likely not catch every potential issue. When a roof is obviously damaged (say a branch falls on it) your roofing contractor can home in on the issue very easily. But many leaks are not obvious but can still cause a ton of problems.

One signal that there may be trouble with your roof is spotting large patches of discoloration – this often indicates that the shingles are wearing out and are losing their ability to provide weatherproof coverage. Another tell-tale sign is when shingles aren’t flat or sitting correctly – either they are coming loose or were never installed correctly in the first place.

On this home in Rockaway, NJ the owner noticed large areas of discoloration which were not only unsightly but potentially a sign of deeper issues.

Discoloration on a roof is often an indication of deeper issues

When the owner called in George J Keller & Sons to assess the situation our analysis revealed additional concerns, this time with shingles that were around the chimney – a well-known spot for water to make inroads into a home. The shingles around the chimney were either coming loose or hadn’t been installed correctly in the first place.

Close-up of roof showing uneven shingles around the chimney

Upon receipt of the contract our crews set about the project in our standard process:

  • Remove and dispose of old shingles
  • Replace any damaged plywood under the old roof
  • Install GAF TigerPaw weather-resistant underlayment across the exposed roof surface
  • Install GAF eave/rake starter strips
  • Install GAF Lifetime, Algae-resistant shingles

The client chose the very popular Timberline HDZ dimensional shingles in Charcoal.

(The project also included the installation of new custom-made, seamless gutters along with MicroMesh covers to help prevent future build-up of debris in the gutters.)

The view of the house after the project was completed shows pretty clearly that the roof is “new” but how do you prove that the issues related to the chimney and loose shingles have been addressed?

Completed roof project – front view

George J Keller & Sons employs a drone to carry out both pre- and post-inspection. In the drone photo the full extent of the work that was done becomes much clearer and the overall neatness of the job is revealed, especially in the area around the chimney.

Completed roof project – drone view

George J Keller & Sons is a GAF MasterElite roofer. If you have concerns or questions about your roof, especially related to visible issues such as discoloration and/or damaged shingles please don’t hesitate to call us today at 973-970-0223 and arrange your no-obligation assessment.