Sometimes a little thing can ruin a bigger thing. For our clients, the V. family of Rockaway, that little something was the look of their roof, specifically the patches of algae that not only spoiled the look but were potentially signs of hidden damage.

Unsightly roof spoils curb appeal

This unsightly problem can sometimes be solved with cleaning (read more about roof cleaning here: but if the roof is older than a certain date then no amount of cleaning is going to completely solve the issue as older shingles just become their own breeding grounds for more & more algae & moss. At that point the solution is to start over and replace the roof.

That was the solution here and George J Keller & Sons were selected as the roofing contractor of choice.

As with most roofing projects the installation of new shingles is actually only one item to be completed on an extensive to-do list. Here’s the breakdown of the job on this particular roofing contract – installing the shingles is #11 of 15 steps!

  1. Install heavy-duty tarps along the gutter line and stake them to the ground to prevent damage to the homeowner’s property. 
  2. Remove existing pitched roof shingles. 
  3. Dispose of all job-related debris in the dumpster provided by us. 
  4. Walk around the entire house with a 3’ magnet to pick up any loose nails. 
  5. Replace any damaged roof sheathing @ $85 per sheet installed. 
  6. Install aluminum drip edge on all edges of the roof. Color: White 
  7. Install GAF WeatherWatch Ice & Water Shield on all gutter edges extending up the roof surface 6 feet as per Building Code and where the roof meets the side wall of the house. 
  8. Install GAF WeatherWatch Ice & Water Shield in all valleys. 
  9. Install GAF DeckArmor underlayment on all exposed wood surfaces. 
  10. Install GAF ProStart Eave/Rake starter strips. 
  11. Install GAF Lifetime Algae Resistant “Timberline HDZ” dimensional shingles on pitched roof. Color: Pewter Gray
  12. Install (6) six nails per shingle. 
  13. Install new pipe flanges on all roof plumbing vent pipes. 
  14. Install GAF RidgeRunner brand baffled ridge vent on all main ridges. 
  15. Install GAF Seal-a-Ridge ridge caps on all ridges.
New roof provides clean lines and clean looks!

The results speak for themselves – despite the fact that no other work was completed (we did install new gutters) and the house is still using the original windows and siding, the house looks very different with its new roof and lack of algae!

George J Keller & Sons are GAF MasterElite roofing contractors which puts us into the top 3% of roofing contractors in the country. Being MasteElite certified means that we can offer enhanced warranties to our clients, warranties that are not available anywhere else! When you’re ready for your exterior home improvement project give the expert team at George J Keller & Sons a call at 973-620-7582.