Thinking of replacing your roof? Here are a few things to consider first:

George J Keller Roofing example #161. What kind of roof do you want?

While shingle roofs are the most common in our area certain buildings clearly need different materials such as slate, metal and wooden shake roofing. Make sure the contractor you use has the experience needed with your choice of roofing material.

2. What type and/or color roofing shingle do you want?

If your existing roof is in the 10-20 year old range (common for most of our roofing installations) two things will become apparent when you start researching new roofs; 1) the color and style your builder used is likely not available, 2) the choices of color is now almost overwhelming. GAF offers approximately 18 different styles of shingles each with 4 or more different colors or shades of color. Discuss with your contractor the range of styles and colors to make sure you get what you want.

3. Make sure you get more than one estimate for your new roof.

Prices for new roofing can appear to be all over the map. Some companies start with a very high price and then “discount” to appear more reasonable. Smaller companies often present low bids because they have lower overheads due to lack of insurance and registration.

masterelite4. Is your chosen contractor a MasterElite roofer?

Only 2% of roofing companies in the US are confirmed as MasterElite status by GAF. To become MasterElite the contractors staff and workers need to be GAF trained and certified.

ID-100217842-255x1395. Are you a candidate for solar panel installation?

If you are committed to installing a new roof why not explore the option of installing solar panels at the same time? Solar panels will save you up to 50% on your electricity bill, help to improve the environment and it might be 100% free-of-charge!

If you have any questions regarding a new or replacement roof please don’t hesitate to contact us.