When is the last time you thought about when to replace your windows? If you’ve owned your home for a while, chances are the importance of replacing your windows isn’t foremost in your mind. More likely, you’re concerned with the day-to-day activities of running your household, such as meal prep, child-rearing, cleaning, and routine maintenance. Unfortunately, more significant household repairs, such as window, roof, and siding replacement, require attention as well. If you live in New Jersey, when is it time to consider new window installation? Here, we help you identify some key indicators and explore how they impact your home and family:

Age: How are old are your windows? Most windows have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years, but even with premium models, factors such as maintenance history, climate, and original installation quality can all have a significant impact on a window’s overall life expectancy. Because age alone isn’t a reliable indicator of when you need to replace your windows, you’ll want to consider the other factors below to best determine whether your windows have reached the end of their useful life. That said, if your windows are more than 15 years old, it’s probably wise to replace your windows. Why? Window technology advances are made constantly, meaning windows manufactured in 2017 are significantly better at doing their jobs than windows made just five to ten years ago.

Comfort: How comfortable is your home in the dead of winter or the height of summer? Are your HVAC bills out of control? Do you feel like you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat because you just can’t get warm (or cool)? Are there significant hot or cold spots in your home? Do you feel a draft when you sit near your windows in the wintertime? When you’re determining whether and when it’s time to replace your windows, these are all important questions to consider.

If you have difficulty achieving a comfortable, consistent temperature in your home, or if your HVAC bills are higher than they should be, it may be time to contact a quality New Jersey window installation company. If you aren’t sure whether your windows are performing adequately, we can assess their performance and make expert recommendations regarding how you should proceed.

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Function: In addition to their function as insulators, windows offer a view to the outdoors, a way to let fresh air and/or sunlight stream in, and a means of escape in the event of an emergency. If your windows no longer function optimally, you are compromising your enjoyment of your home—and possibly your safety. Do your windows latch and lock? Do they open fully and easily? Do they remain open without needing to be propped up on something? Can they be fully and easily cleaned and maintained? Are the sills intact and free of damage? Can you see clearly through the windows or are there condensation buildup and/or cracks obstructing your view?

These are all critical questions you’ll need to answer to determine whether your windows need to be replaced, or whether they are still doing their jobs adequately. Most important, obviously, is the need for your windows to function as a means of escape in the event of a fire or other emergency situation.

Aesthetics: When considering the importance of replacing your windows, aesthetics are probably lower on your list. After all, if your windows are functioning just fine, why bother replacing them? Well, for a few reasons. Other renovations or improvements completed on your home may have caused your windows to look outdated or out of place. If you’re undertaking a large-scale renovation that includes making other exterior improvements such as replacing your roof and/or siding, it may be a bit silly (as well as less cost-effective) to skip replacing those visibly older-looking 10 or 15-year-old windows. In addition, if you’re making home upgrades in preparation to sell your home, new windows can do wonders for your resale value.

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