When you’ve decided that you need a new roof how do you go about selecting and hiring a reputable roofing contractor?

  • Personal references are always good – using someone who did a great roofing job for a friend or relative doesn’t always guarantee that they’ll do a good job for you, but it’s a great start!
  • You can look for 3rd party awards and citations. One popular award is the one presented by Angie’s List (now just Angi) – George J Keller and Sons have won this award seven times, the last time last year which was their 2020 award.
  • Check out the rating at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This can be a little torturous because you have to sift through potentially hundred of contractors and many of the reviews are very old, but it is useful to check how long a company has been in business.
  • Maybe the most useful referral tool is using Google reviews. These reviews come from actual clients and often contain details of the work performed and any special requirements for the client’s specific roof. George J Keller & Sons are currently carrying a rating of 4.9 stars from 115 Google reviews. (We know it’s not a perfect 5 out of 5 but don’t you sometimes suspect “perfect reviews”, especially if there’s just a name and no project details?)

Whichever method you use to select your roofing contractor we strongly recommend that: 

  1. You use the process as detailed by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs (read more about that here: https://gjkeller.com/hiring-a-roofing-contractor-in-new-jersey/)
  2. You use a checklist that asks all the “right questions” and allows you to accurately compare one roofing contractor against another (here’s a good checklist here: https://gjkeller.com/selecting-a-contractor/)

When you’re ready to move forward with your roofing project we hope you’ll consider George J Keller & Sons – call us today at 973-927-0963!