In our last post we looked at trends within the roofing industry ( – this post similarly looks at the siding industry. Choices in siding materials and colors have been on the increase over the last 5-10 years and we’re now seeing how consumers are using these choices on their siding projects.

Color mixing – traditionally when selecting siding for a house home-owners choose from a color palate of available colors and pick one for the whole house. We’re now seeing more and more installations that use two colors per house, very often mixing light and dark colors to highlight specific areas of the home (under the eaves, upper floors, etc.).

Material and texture mixing – again, in the past clients have typically chosen one style of siding to cover their whole house (all vinyl siding, all fiber cement siding, etc.). Now it’s definitely becoming more common for people to mix and match materials and textures to produce interesting results. Sometimes a client will select the same type of siding but in different widths for different parts of the house – also popular is mixing different textures, using smooth siding on some sections and textured, wood-like, siding on others.

Wood-like siding – wooden siding is one of the earliest forms of siding still in use today, but the downsides of using wood are numerous, including installation and maintenance costs. But wood-like, fiber cement siding that mimics the random shapes and grain of wood have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Homeowners love the look of their new “wood” siding but without any of the issues that come with maintaining it – all fiber cement siding usually requires is washing with a hose once a year!

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