Every year the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issues a report called the “Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book”. This publication lists reports from consumers about problems they experience in the marketplace. These problems include fraud, identity theft and other acts of malfeasance.

The 2020 book lists the issues found in 2019. Perhaps not surprisingly the #1 reported problem in 2019 was identity theft with over 650,000 cases reported. Although not in the same class with regards to the numbers reported, fraud related to “home repair, improvement and products” reached a worrying number just shy of 24,000 cases.

24,000 cases of fraud related to “Home repair, improvement and products”

This is of particular interest to us and by extension of interest to our clients because unfortunately a high percentage of these fraud reports involve roofing contractors. The reason is pretty obvious – replacing a roof is one of the most expensive home remodeling project a homeowner is likely to ever purchase and unfortunately scammers have always gone where the money is!

We’ve highlighted in previous blog posts various roofing contractor red flags that a consumer needs to be aware of and also why its important to hire a trusted, well-established roofing contractor , even if they’re not the cheapest option.

Use a checklist before selecting a roofing contractor

When you’re in the market for a new roof we strongly suggest that you use a checklist like the one on our website here to confirm that the roofing contractor you’re speaking to has all the right credentials and checks all the correct boxes before handing over any of your hard-earned money. The other place to check is the company’s Google My Business listing where you can see all their recent reviews and where genuine clients give their genuine opinions. You can read George J Keller & Sons reviews here: https://g.page/KellerAndSons?gm

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