When searching for a roofing contractor, you want to be sure that you hire reputable people who you can trust.  Although many companies will say they are the best choice, how do you know for sure? Here are five red flags to look out for when it comes to hiring a reliable roofing company in New Jersey.

Unable or unwilling to provide references

A quality contractor should offer to provide you with references that are recent and from a variety of clients.  Even if they don’t, they should be able to easily and quickly provide you with references on request. A contractor that hems and haws about providing these, or gives you any reason they cannot, thank them for their time and look elsewhere.

High or unusual payments

A quality contractor will ask for no more than 50% of costs up front.  This is to cover the materials they will need to start the project. As the project continues, there might be a payment schedule to allow for the purchase of more materials, but this should always be agreed upon upfront.  Additionally, contractors that ask for payment in all cash might not be on the up and up. Any payments that cannot be traced, and do not have a receipt, should send off warning bells in your head. An honest roofing contractor in New Jersey will allow for a variety of payment options.

A handshake is not a contract

A handshake is fine for some deals, but when it comes to keeping a roof over your head, make sure you get a written contract.  Far too many disreputable roofing contractors have taken advantage of people without a signed contract in hand. You certainly don’t want to be left high and dry – or worse, soaked and cold – when it comes to work on your home.

Get it in writing

A good contractor should come to the home to inspect what needs to be done prior to starting work.  Although you might be able to describe the issue over the phone, a quality contractor will want to see it themselves and be sure that everyone is aware of potential issues.  Once that walk though is done, be sure to get a written estimate. Without this, it’s your word against theirs about what the overall cost will be and what work needs to be done.

Lacks the proper paperwork

Any home improvement contractor should have proper insurance and licenses provided by the state to show they are approved and above board.  New Jersey maintains a database of all registered roofing contractors in the state, so you can check out their website to verify that the contractor is current with their paperwork.  Additionally, your contractor should hold both liability and worker’s compensation insurances. Definitely ask to see these documents – a roofing contractor who you can trust is more than happy to provide these to you.

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