If you are thinking about roof replacement you probably already have an inkling that you need to do something. Replacing a roof is a big job and wouldn’t normally be considered just on a whim.

RoofingHere’s a list of things for you to consider to help you decide whether you need to replace your roof:

Your roof is leaking

The biggest reason for replacing an existing roof is that its leaking. Major leaking is a clear cause for concern and should be addressed immediately. Minor leaking may be more of a irritation than anything else but could indicate that more major issues are lurking in the background.

Age of roof

If you roof is in the 15-20 year old range chances are that you’ll need a new roof soon if not immediately. Over 20 years and its almost 100% guaranteed that you’ll need to replace your roof. Under 15 years and you might be able to repair sections – just bear in mind that repairing roof sections can be more expensive per section than replacing the whole roof. You might be postponing the inevitable and paying more because of it.

Visible defects in roof

If your shingles are curling or are buckled then you are probably a good candidate for replacing your roof. Individual missing shingles could be a quick repair or a symptom of something more serious. Collection of debris in certain areas especially roof valleys might be hiding damaged shingles and could be a source of leaks and the cause of ice dams.

Roof already has two layers of shingles

If your roof already has two layers of shingles and you are experiencing problems then building codes mandate that you have to tear off both layers and start from scratch.

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