Sagging roof? Missing shingles? Gaping hole? Water in your attic? If you’ve got a roofing problem, chances are you’re tempted to get up there and see what’s going on so you can determine the extent of the damage. Stop right there! Climbing up and walking around on your roof is extremely dangerous—from slick surfaces, steep pitches, and weak spots, you never know what will cause you to lose your footing. Besides, knowing how to assess the full extent of the damage or problem is a learned skill only trained, experienced roofers have. So call us first for professional roofing advice before attempting any DIY repairs.

Repair or replace your windows

Once your roofing problem is properly diagnosed, you’ll want to know whether you can get away with a roof repair or whether replacing the roofing is your best bet. Let’s take a look at the factors that guide us in the roofing advice we offer regarding repair or replacement.

  1. The age of your roof: Most roofs last about 20 years. If your roof is approaching “old age,” it’s likely that you’re going to be better off replacing your roof than attempting repairs. Why? First, an older roof is more prone to problems, meaning you’ll soon likely encounter—and pay for the repairs on—similar or bigger roofing issues. Second, the materials and technology in today’s roofs have dramatically improved over the last couple of decades, meaning you’ll have better protection against the elements and less chance of roofing problems, such as mold, developing in the future. Third, an aging or problematic roof is a turn-off for potential buyers. If you’re looking to increase your home’s resale value, a new roof is one of the most cost-effective ways to do it.
  2. Your plans to move: We just touched on a new roof as an attractive means to upping your home’s value. Let’s dig a little deeper now. If you intend to sell your home in the next five years, a new roof will not only increase resale value. It will also inspire buyer confidence, add to the aesthetic of your home, and prevent issues from past roof repairs from coming back to haunt you during the home inspection. New roofs do more for buyers (and current homeowners) today than ever before: today’s shingle warranties are good for up to 50 years (or more!). A new roof can also offset cooling costs by reflecting solar rays, repel moisture better, and offer better resistance against wind and fire damage.
  3. The condition of your roof: Has it been properly maintained over the years? Does a second layer of shingles cover the first? Was it properly installed and ventilated in the first place? What kind of materials were used? All these questions need to be answered to determine your roof’s condition. You may have a roof that’s only 12-15 years old, but if best-practice installation and maintenance protocols weren’t followed, your roof may need replacing sooner rather than later.
  4. The extent of the damage: this factor obviously weighs heavily on your decision to repair or replace your roof. If you have a single, straightforward leak, a few missing shingles, or other relatively small problem with your newer roof, you may be able to get away with a repair (just remember to have a pro do the work!). However, if you have a large hole, a sagging roof, several leaky areas, or have been experiencing a string of roofing issues over the years, it’s time to consider replacing your roof.

Only the professional, experienced roofing experts at George J. Keller & Sons can accurately assess your roof’s condition and offer roofing advice regarding the best course of action. Whether a small repair is needed or a full-scale replacement is called for, you can trust the trained pros at George J. Keller & Sons. We will do the job right the first time, maximizing your investment and ensuring your roof has the longest possible life. Call us today at 973-927-0963 for a professional roofing inspection and expert recommendations.