So who remembers the oil crisis in the 70’s? Dr. Richard Swanson was pondering alternate ways to get energy and he was aware of solar cells being used on satellites and wondered if there was a way to use them here on earth. By 1985 he had worked out a useable model for practical use of solar cells and incorporated SunPower. The company spent the 90’s powering cars and airplanes, breaking altitude and speed records. In 2014 they created their 1 billionth solar cell. And that brings us to 2015 their 30th anniversary.

sunpower and george j keller

Why so much background on a different company you ask? George J Keller & Sons, LLC has become an authorized dealer for SunPower residential solar panel installation. SunPower is the most efficient and powerful panel in the industry. It is designed in America and can only be provided to homeowners by authorized dealers. They are renowned as the premier residential solar supplier and how now you can have George J. Keller & Sons install them for you. So now is the perfect time to look into seeing if your roof is a good candidate for solar panels.

There are three simple questions to consider when shopping for solar.
1. How much energy will my solar panels produce?
2. How long will my solar system last?
3. Who makes my solar panels?

Let’s look at question 3. Who makes my solar panels? SunPower design their own panels in Silicon Valley CA and manufacture at their own plants in the Philippines. They have been on the forefront in developing those panels over the last 30 years. They did research in use in space and in racing vehicles and have used the test data to come up with a top notch award winning design.

Contact your local solar experts at George J Keller & Sons, LLC at 973-927-0963 and find out if there are any tax rebates and credits available so we can work out a payment plan that will limit or eliminate the out of pocket expenses. Let’s get started today!