This month marks the official start of hurricane season for the Eastern Pacific. The Atlantic hurricane season officially begun on June 1 and runs through November 30 for both basins. Is your roofing system ready for hurricane season?  Should you invest in a new roof before it’s too late?Is your roof ready for hurricane season?

Proactive roofing maintenance is key to the success of making it through hurricane season.

Getting your roofing system ready for hurricane season is one of those things you don’t want to put off. When a big storm is approaching, it may be too late to protect your roofing from high winds and flying debris.

A below-average season is forecast for the Atlantic basin this year. Meteorologists at Colorado State University expect just nine named storms, of which three could become hurricanes, with one of those being Category 3 or above with sustained winds in excess of 111 mph.

But don’t let your guard or your roofing down. There’s much you can do now so you won’t get caught making last-minute — and probably inadequate — preparations to get your roofing system ready for hurricanes.

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