Energy-Efficient Roof Replacement in New Jersey

Why do so many consider recent roof replacement to be such an important factor in a homebuying decision? There are many reasons, of course, but one of the most important is that newer roof is much more energy efficient than an older one. An old roof can allow a home’s heat to escape in the winter and fail to reflect the sun’s rays in the summer. A new roof, by contrast, can keep a home toasty warm in the cold months, and prevent excessive heat from penetrating in the hot months. If you live in NJ and are considering selling your home, looking to purchase a new home, or are simply wondering how to reduce your energy costs, you need to understand what makes a roof energy efficient. We’ve got answers to your burning questions on the topic!

Should I get a cool roof?

Google the term “roof energy efficient” and the first results to come up will likely be about roof replacement with cool-roof technology. However, in New Jersey, cool roofs may not be a great fit, because while they do reduce cooling costs, they will also prevent your home from absorbing the sun’s warming rays during the cold winter months. So, what can you do in order to increase your home’s energy efficiency year-round?

How do I determine if my roof needs to be replaced to increase its energy efficiency?

The first step is to consider the age of the roof and assess its condition. Many roofs that are currently over 15 to 20 years old are likely to have deteriorating energy-efficiency properties. If you notice that your home is missing shingles, your attic is very drafty, or your roof is damaged in any way. It’s time to consider roof replacement. Roof repair may offer a stopgap measure, but you’ll get much more in the way of energy savings by installing a new roof, especially because roofing technologies have advanced so much in recent years. While adding insulation to your attic may improve your home’s energy efficiency, older roofs simply don’t offer the same amount of insulation as newer roofs.

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What types of roofing materials are the most energy efficient?

Determining whether your roof is energy efficient has a lot to do with the type of roofing material your home employs. In New Jersey, where temps vary by as much as a hundred degrees depending on the season, it’s wise to understand what types of roofing materials are best for our area. As we mentioned earlier, cool-roof technologies aren’t always a good fit for homes in NJ, because they can actually increase winter energy costs. Asphalt shingles, slate roofs, and wood shake roofs are all popular in the Northeast because they offer good insulative properties, can withstand the weight of snow, and hold up well in stormy weather. However, each type of roofing material has its own energy efficient properties, and they all have different pros and cons including initial costs, life expectancy, and the costs (and viability) of roof repair. It’s important to consider these other factors when planning a roof replacement.

What else do I need to know about choosing a roof that’s energy efficient when I consider roof replacement?

Other relevant factors include the size, age, and construction of your home (slate roofs may weigh too much for some homes), your budget, your roof’s location and orientation, the color of your roof (most homes in NJ benefit from darker or neutral colors, as lighter colors can reflect too much heat), and how long you plan to live in your home (this may affect how much energy savings you realize vs. how much your home’s resale value increases).

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How can I figure out what’s best for my home?

Choosing a roof that’s energy-efficient is a smart move no matter where you live, but if you live in New Jersey, choosing a roof replacement option that maximizes energy efficiency can be complicated. Give us a call at George J. Keller and Sons today at 973-927-0963 and we’ll come out and give you free consultation and an energy-efficient roof-replacement price estimate!