Before going “green” was used to define the modern environmentalist movement, the color had a more economic association. Hey, green may be the color of Mother Nature, but it’s also the color of money, and for the average person, money plays a more significant role than the previous.

So, how much does solar energy cost in NJ?

This can be a useful question but, really, this inquiry is almost of insignificant importance in today’s society.

Studies have shown that many landowners and business owners have reported that their energy bill was cut anywhere between 50% and 90%.Take solar power, for instance. It’s an uncontaminated, renewable, and—for all intents and purposes—inexhaustible energy source that can also save you tons of money in the process. How? You can save loads of money on solar energy through loans or companies that let you lease their solar power system instead of buying one. Most citizens and businesses with a good durable roof or a piece of land with good ground space for solar panels should have a chance to go solar without buying the entire solar panel systems up front.

The real questions — the real ways in which going solar affects your finances — is in how much it saves you and how soon or when it starts to save you money.

Studies have shown that many landowners and business owners have reported that their energy bill was cut anywhere between 50% and 90%.

In the state of New Jersey earning SRECs is an additional financial solar incentive when installing solar panels on your property. SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) are produced proportionately with the energy your solar system produces and they are traded on an open market.

Apart from the monthly savings, you can also up the value of your property without acquiring any additional tax obligations, which is especially important here in the state of New Jersey. Decreasing your dependence on natural resources and becoming more environmentally cognizant can be a game changer for anyone owning property. If you’re a landowner, it could help you distinguish your property from the rest of the market and maybe even sell your home quicker. If you’re a business owner, your commitment to maintaining the environment could be a major factor – maybe the pivotal factor – when certain clients are assessing whom they should do business with.

In essence, solar power can help you go green, no matter which definition you happen to find more important. Therefore, whether you’re more concerned about keeping the planet green, or in lining your wallet with green, solar power in New Jersey is the way to go. Of course, you may have to spend a bit of green upfront, but just consider it an investment in the future—both for your bank account and for your planet.