In the Market for New Windows? Why You Should Consider Fiberglass

Up until a few years ago, fiberglass windows were more of a niche window product—certainly not mainstream. In fact, fiberglass windows’ market share was just a tiny slice of pie representing the whole window market. Today, however, the fiberglass window market share is growing at a rapid pace.

But, that said, fiberglass continues to trail wood and vinyl. Why? It’s twofold.

One – people still don’t know about fiberglass as an option.

Two – fiberglass windows are more expensive than their competition.

Fiberglass windows are admittedly more expensive than wood and vinyl. But there are plenty of good reasons you should still consider investing in these tough, long-lasting windows. Read on to find out why fiberglass is growing in popularity—and why you should consider replacing your windows with fiberglass when the time comes.

  1. Durability

Fiberglass windows can withstand both frigid winter cold and intense summer heat without warping or becoming brittle. Why? Fiberglass windows are essentially made of glass (fiberglass material consists of spun glass fibers), and glass doesn’t expand nor contract in extreme temperatures, so their structural and dimensional integrity aren’t affecting by temperature fluctuation. This makes the entire window structure more airtight and ensures you’ll always enjoy smooth, easy operation of the window product.

Other durability points: The strength and rigidity of fiberglass make this material especially suited to large window openings. Fiberglass won’t rust, splinter, or rot either, regardless of moisture levels.

  1. Longevity

Fiberglass windows are estimated to last up to 38% longer than their vinyl counterparts. That adds up to a lot of extra years you can spend enjoying the effortless operation and superior performance of your fiberglass windows. Unlike wood or vinyl, fiberglass won’t rot, split, warp, twist, bow, or shrink over time. It will also maintain its insulative properties throughout its lifespan (more on R-values below). Plus, fiberglass windows are a paintable product, so you can change their look as often as you’d like!

  1. Flexibility

We already mentioned how fiberglass windows offer a degree of aesthetic flexibility, given that they can be painted to suit your tastes. That said, fiberglass windows are truly maintenance-free, so, if you choose, you can simply have them installed and simply enjoy them for years to come! Ready to learn more about the ways your fiberglass windows can be customized? You’ll be happy to know that you can choose from myriad options when you pick out your new fiberglass windows.

For example, you can choose to order windows with grilles (also known as muntins), which create a divided-light look. You can also choose high-efficiency glass and custom window hardware. Some manufacturers even offer the option for the interior side of your new fiberglass windows to be clad in stainable wood or a faux wood to offer the distinctive aesthetic afforded by this material. While there are many stock sizes available, a few companies also offer custom fiberglass windows.

  1. Insulation Value

Looking for superior insulation? You’ll find it in foam-filled fiberglass windows, which offer better R-values than any other type of window frame. Combine this with premium window-glass options (choosing the right window glass makes the for maximum impact in your window’s ability to insulate), and you’ll be cozy all winter long.

Fiberglass window rarely have seal failures due to their rigidity, so you can rest assured that your windows’ insulative properties won’t dissipate over time. That said, you should know that for most climes (including NJ), hollow-core fiberglass window frames insulative properties also perform quite well.

Need another reason? Fiberglass is right up there with wood as one of the most environmentally friendly window frame materials! It’s made from sand, a sustainable resource, and takes relatively little energy to manufacture. While its durable nature can make recycling difficult, it’s a safe material that can be handled and disposed of safely, without special care or concern.

If you’re interested in reading more about fiberglass windows you can read more at our page dedicated to Integrity Fiberglass Windows from Marvin Windows and Doors.

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