We’re often asked – What’s involved in getting a proposal for a new roof or siding? And the prevailing thought is that it can’t be that difficult or complicated – right?

Our process typically starts with an incoming call or website contact form submission from the homeowner. This is important because generally we don’t ever solicit new work by direct contact with homeowners not already known to us (cold calling) – this practice of cold calling potential clients is prevalent with other New Jersey roofing contractors but we feel its too intrusive and pressured.

Next in the process is a site visit by one of our factory trained salesmen. This is the opportunity for us to get a handle on the scope of the project and for the homeowner to ask us any questions they may have. We inspect the property and if the call is for a new roof, we manually inspect the roof either by climbing up onto it or by using a drone to scan the area. Again this is important because there are some less-scrupulous contractors out there that claim to be able to assess roof damage from ground level – we inspect every roof! During the site visit we might take some miscellaneous measurements and maybe make some sketches of unusual features. 

So far so good – most New Jersey roofing contractors will perform similar steps but its the next step is where we really distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

We commission a detailed measurement report from one of a number of sources. If we’re able to take photographs of the house from all 4 sides we can upload those photos to a service that provides a fantastically accurate 3D image of the home. 

Photos of house….


If we’re unable to photograph the house to the detail we need, we use another service that specializes in home measurements taken from aerial photography. These services use either satellite imagery or, for even closer detail, use fly-by photography from specially equipped aircraft.

…get converted to amazingly accurate 3D model


And you thought it was just a case of taking a few measurements with a tape measure!!

The measurement reports we receive are a lot more accurate than we could ever do by hand and they are a fantastic aid to our productivity. We can get more accurate and more detailed quotes out to our clients faster and when it comes to actually doing the work our crews have detailed info about the project before they even start. This alone puts us ahead of most of the other New Jersey roofing contractors you might come across.

After analyzing the report we calculate the material needed for each aspect of the job and determine our labor costs. This leads to the creation of a proposal that we present to the client.

If the client decides to move ahead we create a contract based on the proposal and any subsequent changes or additions. After receipt of a signed contract and a deposit we go ahead and purchase the materials we need and schedule a start date for the work.

If you’re in the market for new roofing or new siding or you have questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 973-927-0963 and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced sales professionals. We’ve been installing roofs and instilling trust since 1980 and we’d love to help you too.