One of the questions we often receive from clients whose roofs have failed or been damaged is, “Can my roof be repaired?” Roof repair can be tricky, and isn’t always the best option, especially if your roof is older or if the damage is extensive. Below, we review a few common scenarios and discuss options for roof repair or roof replacement.

can my roof be fixed?

A tree fell on my house! Can my roof be repaired?

Before we discuss your options, the first thing we want you to do is evacuate your home. Regardless of whether the tree has actually broken through your roof, there is significant danger in remaining in your home. Once outside, take photos of the damage before you or anyone else take steps to remove the tree. Now, once these steps have been taken, consider how much damage has been done. Has the tree breached your roof or has it just torn off some shingles? If a tree has gone through your roof, you’re better off replacing your roof, regardless of the extent of the visible damage. That’s because it took an incredible amount of force for the tree to break through the layers of your roof, and it’s likely that the other areas of the roof structure have been compromised. If part of a tree scraped your roof on its way down to the ground, tearing off a few shingles, the damage might be repairable.

My attic is wet! Can my roof be fixed?

A leaky roof presents a major problem—even a small amount of water can cause damage to the belongings and flooring in your attic. To determine the extent of the breach, call in a pro who can survey the entire structure and identify the source of the leak. It’s possible that water is coming in from an area other than where you’re seeing water. If it’s clear where the water is getting in, and it’s a small leak, it may be as simple as repairing some shingles on the roof. However, this may end up being a stopgap measure, as a leaky roof is usually a sign that roofing materials are aging or deteriorating. In general, replacing your roof when you’re experiencing water in your attic is a safer option that helps you avoid extensive water damage. If your roof is new and/or is still under warranty call your installer and have them inspect on your behalf.

My roof is sagging! Can it be repaired?

A sagging roof is the sign of a major structural problem that’s can affect the integrity and safety of your entire home. Some potential reasons for a sagging roof include poor attic ventilation, improper installation, framing issues, faulty materials, or the accumulation of heavy ice and snow. Whatever the cause, this is a serious situation that should always be evaluated and addressed by a professional as quickly as possible. In most cases replacing your roof is the safest and most appropriate course of action.

As with many roof patch-ups, steps that are taken to repair your roof, rather than replace it, are generally temporary measures that will delay—not avoid—the need for a new roof. This is especially true if your roof is older or if this is not the first time repairs have been made, so it’s worth considering investing in a new roof now, rather than spending money on repairs. Today’s roofing materials are dramatically better than those from even just a few years ago, and warranties can extend up to 50 years or more. A new roof can also reduce your energy bills, offer your family better protection against the elements, and boost your home’s value.

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