We were recently (within the last couple of days) notified of big changes to the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code that significantly impacts how we do business and that usher in potentially big savings for our clients. The new changes removes the need to get permits for a range of home remodeling activities including for roofing and siding installations.

You can read the whole document here if you are interested but here are the sections that affect our work:

The following items are types of work that may be performed without a permit pursuant to the Uniform Construction Code for Ordinary maintenance in one‐ and two‐family dwellings::

  • Roofing – The repair or replacement (including total replacement) of any amount of existing roof covering on detached one‐ or two‐family dwellings.
  • Siding – The repair or replacement of any amount of existing siding. Exception: The repair or replacement of polypropylene siding is not ordinary maintenance.

In the past permits for this work have been an additional cost to the homeowners and added layers of red-tape that weren’t really necessary. If there are any more changes we’ll be sure to keep you updated.