Beware of these solar energy scams

Solar energy is here to stay! That’s the good news as it heralds in a new age of renewable energy that can also free people from ever increasing utility bills.

solar-scamsThe bad news is that new and exciting technologies like solar energy can also bring out a new breed of scam artists who can pull the wool over people’s eyes with false data and promises. Here are a few solar energy scams to be aware of:

High pressure tactics

As with roofing and other home improvement services there are solar energy companies out there that use very high pressure sales techniques to secure your business. These include:

  • Pressurizing you to have both spouses present and to have both sign a contract “right now” to lock in special pricing
  • Widely fluctuating prices- starting with an artificially high price before reducing it down to more reasonable levels
  • Refusing to leave without a commitment!

Poorly researched solar installations

Its a given that solar energy needs the sun! There are books and books full of technical details that determine very accurately whether a particular site will be suitable for solar panels. Reputable solar companies employ engineers to confirm these calculations and use ariel photography to confirm the correct orientation to the sun. Less than honest companies won’t do this level of research which can lead to poorly installed solar panels which do not meet the original expectations.

Over selling tax credits

Part of the sales pitch of any solar salesman includes reference to available tax credits. Tax credits DO exist in certain states under certain very specific conditions. Don’t be oversold on this aspect of the project until you do your own due diligence and can confirm that those tax credits are applicable to your situation.

Not checking your roof!

This would seem like a no-brainer. The solar panels are going to be going on your roof and yet the solar salesman hasn’t checked your roof. The structural integrity of your roof must be checked and confirmed before any work can be carried out. If a solar contract has been written up without attention to the roof then its probably something that should be avoided.

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