Beware of these roofing scams

roofing-scamsAs a consumer and home owner you are entitled to shop around for roof repair and roof replacement services – as you would for any home improvement service. In that process of shopping around you’ll hopefully meet many reputable roofing contractors – unfortunately you might also meet some companies with less-than-honest intentions! Here’s a list of potential roofing scams to be aware of:

Door-to-door salesmen offering special or “insurance” pricing.

These guys turn up out of the blue, especially after a serious storm offering “special” or “insurance” pricing for roof repair or replacement. The reality is that most reputable roofing companies are generally very busy and don’t need to employ door-to-door salesmen. A professional roofing company would much rather have you make an appointment with them so that you remain firmly in control of the process.

High pressure tactics

There are a handful of roofing companies that use very high pressure sales techniques to get you to sign a contract. These can include:

  • Pressurizing you to have both spouses present and to have both sign a contract “right now” to lock in special pricing
  • Widely fluctuating prices- starting with an artificially high price before reducing it down to more reasonable levels
  • Refusing to leave without a commitment!

Lack of written estimate

Its your right as a consumer to get a written estimate of any roofing work to be done. Unscrupulous roofing companies often try to get you to sign up without a written, formal estimate of the work to be completed. A reputable roofing company welcomes legitimate competition and would suggest that you compare a number of estimates to make sure you’re getting what’s right for you.

Insufficient or incorrect insurance.

Many general contractors and even handymen will tell you that they can “do” roofs. While they may be technically proficient that doesn’t mean that their insurance covers for working on your roof. If anything happened while they were working on your roof (injury, structural damage) without the correct insurance it could mean that your work might be delayed or not completed at all.

We’d invite you to check out our contractor checklist here. If your contractor can’t comply with any of the items then please give George J Keller & Sons, LLC a call at 973-927-0963 today!