Spring conjures up images of trees and flowers blossoming, young baby animals playing around, and green grass rolling as far as the eye can see.  Unfortunately, it also brings algae and moss to your roof. Caused by increases in light and temperature, blue-green algae “prefer stable water conditions with low flows, long retention times, light winds, and minimal turbulence” (https://cees.iupui.edu/research/algal-toxicology/bloomfactors).  In other words, your roof!  Those April showers that bring May flowers will also bring a layer of moss to your roof.  At best, these are nuisances that can be dealt with; at worst, they can destroy your roof.

The expert roofers at George J Keller & Sons have seen more than their share of roof and structural damage caused by destructive moss or algae.  The longer moss and algae live on your roof, the worse your problems will become. They trap water on the roof which leads to rot from the outside in and, if untreated, major structural damage to the rooms below.  Recent innovations in the roofing industry can help combat and prevent that from happening to you.

One of the reasons that George J Keller & Sons works so closely with GAF, the largest  shingle manufacturer in the US, is their constant commitment to research and development. With their recent release GAF has modernized the algae-resistant roof with “an exclusive patent-pending algae-fighting breakthrough.”  Their StainGuardPlus ™ Time-Release technology releases algae-fighting copper in a much more efficient manner than other algae-resistant shingles on the market. These specially-engineered capsules are packed with “thousands of copper microsites so copper remains within reach.” The older versions of algae-resistant technology packed copper into granules that would release it when the granule came into contact with water, but with GAF’s cylindrical shape, it can hold and release copper at a better rate and with more longevity.  Copper attaches itself to the harmful algae and essentially squeezes it dry of any moisture, effectively killing it. The more copper stored in the shingle, the longer your roof will remain healthy and in-tact.

As part of the GAF MasterElite program our staff is certified and trained by GAF and we can offer manufacturer backed enhanced warranties that are only available through the MasterElite program.

For more information and to see if this is right for you, reach out to Northern New Jersey’s most reliable and professional roofers at George J Keller & Sons. This local, family-run business will be happy to provide a free estimate for you and address your questions.  Reach them by phone at 973-927-0963 or on the web at gjkeller.com to make sure your roof looks as great and fresh as the rest of the Spring surroundings!