If you’re asking yourself if it’s time to replace your siding, chances are, you’ve noticed some potential problems or are interested in upping the curb appeal of your abode.  Fortunately, today’s manufacturing capabilities have created some impressive products that offer your home excellent protection against an array of intruders. Cutting-edge technology built into siding such as HardiePlank will fend off moisture, rot, wind, pests, precipitation, UV rays, and even fire for decades. While there’s no doubt it’s a large project to take on, it’s also exciting to give your home an entirely new look. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s find out whether you truly need new siding. Below are some telltale signs it’s time to replace your siding:

thinking of new siding

  1. Frequent repainting: Your siding should hold paint for 8 to 10 years. If you’re finding that you need to repaint more often, it’s probably time to put your money to better use and invest in new siding that will look better, hold its color longer, and perform optimally.
  2. Buckling or warping: If you notice that your siding appears to have bubbles or bulges, this is a sign that water is seeping into the siding and getting behind the panels. Because one of your siding’s primary roles is to protect your home from moisture, this is sure sign that your siding needs to go. If the damage is relegated to a small area, it may be able to be repaired, but keep in mind that the new siding may look different than the existing siding around it.
  3. Peeling or cracking: This kind of damage is another indicator that your existing siding is succumbing to water damage, and it can no longer do its job of protecting your home from the elements. If you experience this issue, it’s probably time to replace your siding.
  4. Interior issues: Your heating and cooling bills are skyrocketing. Paint or wallpaper is peeling off your interior walls. Mold and mildew are present inside your home. These are all warning signs that your home’s exterior has been compromised, and you need to have your windows, doors, and siding assessed right away.
  5. Holes, loose siding, or other visible damage: These areas need to be assessed by a professional right away to determine what caused the damage and how to best address it. A few loose boards or holes may be able to be repaired, but large-scale damage generally calls for entirely new siding.
  6. Fading: This is an indication that UV rays have penetrated and weakened the siding over time, meaning it can no longer effectively do its job. Replace it with new siding that can offer optimal protection against the elements, pests, and more.

Of course, all of the above issues are not just a threat to your home’s safety and security, they also just plain look bad. Whether you’re considering selling your home or are staying put, you’ll love the fresh new look that replacing your siding can offer. New siding will increase your home’s value and transform your home’s look. In fact, it’s one of the most visually impactful investments you can make in your home. So, is it time to replace your siding? If so, give George J. Keller & Sons a call today at 973-927-0963. We’re backed by the biggest and best names in the siding business and have over 35 years of experience!