Ready for winter? Look out for these 5 problems that your home could face.

Living in the Northeast brings harsh weather that can have an impact on your home.

From heavy snow to dangerous icicles, before you can prepare your home for winter, you have to know what to look out for from fall to spring.

Ice Dams

Ice dams can form when snow melts on your roof and then re-freezes when it reaches the cold eaves of your roof.

To prevent this, make sure your roof is properly insulated and ventilated.

Frozen Pipes

When temperatures drop below freezing, water in your pipes can become frozen if your home isn’t properly ventilated.

The freezing and thawing of exposed water could put pressure on the siding, increasing the chances of cracking, warping, or structural damage.

To prevent this, make sure to keep your home warm, as well as any exposed pipes.

Heavy Snow

Snow can build up on your roof, gutters and windows, potentially leading to damage to your home.

Make sure to regularly clear away snow from these areas, if you are able to safely do so. If you cannot, hire a professional.

Heating Issues

Address any heating issues you may be noticing with your home.

Make sure to have your heating system serviced regularly to ensure it runs efficiently during the winter. Additionally, make sure your home has proper ventilation with an inspection to ensure you are not losing heat.


Cold temperatures can cause rodents, birds and other pests to try and get into your home for warmth.

Make sure to seal any potential entry points, if possible, and have your roof inspected by a professional for any damage/entry points.