Remember last winter? Boston had record snowfalls and temperatures – is it New Jersey’s turn this year?


It’s tough to think about the winter when we’re not even through Labor Day but it will be on us sooner than we think. If you think you’ll need new roofing or siding before the next round of bad weather NOW is the time to act. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Most reputable roofing and home remodeling contractors are booked weeks if not months out, especially at this time of year so you need to get this into their schedule now.
  2. Scheduling work during the winter months is problematic at best – days and weeks can be lost because of bad weather. If you need work done by a certain date it would be best not to rely on a date in January or February.
  3. Roofers by their very nature are hardy characters – they go out in all weather extremes from the bitingly cold to the boiling hot. The one thing that they can’t cope with very well is a roof full of snow! Show can be cleared from a roof but this is a time intensive and costly exercise – one that you wouldn’t want to add to the cost of replacing your roof.

If you think you might need exterior remodeling work (roof, siding or windows) don’t wait! Give the experts at George J. Keller & Sons, LLC at call today at 973-927-0963.

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