Thank you for finding our blog! We’re hoping to turn this into the best resource for all things solar energy New Jersey and all other solar panel questions you may have. Keep reading and we will show you the main two reasons why solar makes sense in New Jersey.

All solar equipment is exempt from NJ sales taxNew Jersey has been one of the surprise solar panel leaders in the US, and even globally. In terms of installed solar power per capita, only 10 other US states and countries beat it. The three states that are above us have much better solar resources, solar panels and equipment. Solar energy in New Jersey has many incentives that are of course a big part of New Jersey’s solar leadership.

Here are the top two reasons why we feel you should consider solar energy New Jersey.

  1. All solar equipment is also exempt from New Jersey’s sales tax. Yep, if you buy any solar energy equipment, it is not subject to the state’s 7% sales tax.  Yes, solar panels are included.
  2. A property tax New Jersey solar energy incentive also benefits residential consumers who go solar. This incentive is quite straightforward: 100% of the value of a home’s solar power system is exempt from local property taxes. The incentive is available for several other renewable energy technologies as well, and it is available for other sectors.

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